Real World Experience

PowerSurety’s principals have 140 years of combined experience developing, financing, delivering, and operating most forms of behind-the-meter energy and utility infrastructure projects. These projects were not simply concept designs or feasibility studies; they were real projects developed at-risk at industrial facilities and they all required private financing and performance guarantees. The range and depth of practical, real-world experience garnered from developing and implementing complex projects cannot be replicated with anything other than years and years of in-the-field, hands-on experience.

Examples of these projects include:

  • Landfill gas- and natural gas-fueled combined heat and power (CHP)

  • Utility-scale flywheel-based power conditioning and storage (16MWm)

  • Industrial and commercial energy efficiency of virtually all types

  • Utility-scale microgrids including integrated energy storage (16 MWh)

  • Hurricane tolerant solar PV (550 kW)

  • Redundant hardened electrical distribution system feeders

  • Industrial process heat recovery

Our company’s belief is that governments and institutions alike are looking for holistic, end-to-end energy solutions that provide resiliency, are clean and efficient, and provide economic value.  These solutions don’t necessarily need to be implemented at the same time – they just need to be carefully planned in advance so that integration is seamless and coordinated.

Many past efforts related to energy conservation have largely been driven by desire for cost reduction, to meet mandates, for altruistic reasons – or for all of the above.  Today, energy conservation and peak demand management directly tie to resiliency projects:

The above factors point to a need for master planning and an approach that involves close examination of existing infrastructure, operating processes and their associated costs, and desired performance objectives – both operational and financial. Although the outcome of the above analysis and planning is a one-of-a-kind resiliency blueprint, some commonalities exist with regard to microgrid components and approaches:

  • Integration of disparate generation assets – whether fossil fuel-based or renewable

  • Connection to load centers and the ability to isolate critical loads

  • Data acquisition devices and communications technologies to provide necessary real time data

  • Software analytics to assess large quantities of data and make intelligent operational decisions

  • Industrial controls to respond to software queues by automating defined and isolated aspects of system operations

Regardless of your issues or requirements, PowerSurety can assist with early-stage planning through long-term system operations.
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